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Tio University of Applied Sciences

Discover Tio and its excellent bachelor programmes

Meet the unique Tio concept, Tio’s students, lecturers and excellent study programmes
Welcome at Tio, a university of applied sciences where you will feel right at home. Tio offers a great atmosphere, the option of accelerated studying and the unique Tio concept. Students love Tio’s small-scale and personal education.

All of Tio’s bachelor’s degrees and vocational training programmes have been elected as the best in their respective fields by the Higher Education Guide and the Vocational Training Guide (Keuzegids Hbo en Mbo). “In first place, there is the private Tio University of Applied Sciences, which has locations in five cities. Students are very positive about this school,” says the Higher Education Guide.

Tio offers the following bachelor's degrees: 

Why students choose Tio

Would you like to know why students chose Tio? Read more about what Tio stands for and why students love Tio University of Applied Sciences and the various study programmes it offers. For more information, visit our website.

  1. Small-scale and personal
  2. Entrepreneurial
  3. Stimulating excellence
  4. Accelerated studying
  5. Motivated students
  6. International opportunities
  7. Affordable for everyone
  8. Tio leads the way
  9. Lecturers from the industry
  10. National organisation

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Tio University of Applied Sciences: Student life

Studying in Amsterdam and Utrecht


Amsterdam represents the perfect union of hotel management, event management, tourism and business. It is a metropolis with an abundance of lively streets and places to go out. The city is home to the highest number of five-star hotels in the Netherlands and it plays host to many major events and festivals, such as the Amsterdam Dance Event. Furthermore, Amsterdam attracts more than one million international business travellers every year (source: NBTC).
Amsterdam is a great place to live: it was awarded the title of most appealing residential city several times in recent years.

In Amsterdam, practical experience is there for the taking. Hundreds of thousands of visitors come to our country’s number one touristic city every year. Our national airport Schiphol is located close by. The city is home to all kinds of hotels, from simple places to spend a night to establishments that offer five-star luxury. These hotels attract both tourists and travellers on business, who come here for meetings, conventions and trade shows. There is no better place to experience the world of hospitality, business and tourism than Amsterdam. 



The city’s population has the highest average education level out of the Netherlands’ four biggest cities. The historic city centre is not only home to the famous tourist attractions, but also to a wide range of cafes and restaurants. Tio’s favourite bar is De Oude Dikke Dries. Located just five minutes on foot away from the Tio campus, this is a bar that offers a traditional atmosphere and a guaranteed good time! No matter how many bars there are in Utrecht, each and every one always appears to be full – especially on weekends.

Visit a festival or a concert in TivoliVredenburg, the nation’s most versatile music stage. It is no surprise that the foreign press is so excited about Utrecht.


In addition to its headquarters in Utrecht, Tio University of Applied Sciences has five campuses spread across the Netherlands:

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Tio University of Applied Sciences - Impressionen vom Studium

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Tio University of Applied Sciences: Students about Tio

Students about their study choice

You are in the last or second-to-last year of your general secondary or pre-university education and you face an important decision: what bachelor’s degree will you choose? What do you want to become? Perhaps you have known the answer to that question since you were little or perhaps you are starting to doubt because of the wide range of options.
To help you make this decision, we have asked some new Tio students how they made their study choice and why they chose Tio. 


Natasja van den Burg

Hotel and Event Management
“I registered in November. I love to travel and organise events, so my choice was between International Tourism Management and Hotel and Event Management. I thought Hotel and Event Management would be a more comprehensive study course, so I chose that. My parents own a camping, but they want to keep me from working there for as long as possible. They want me to discover the world on my own first.”


Bram Woerdeman

First-year student of Hotel and Event Management
“Before I started the Hotel and Event Management bachelor’s degree, I spent a year studying business economics. That programme was not right for me, I wanted more of a challenge than just focusing on numbers. My parents recommended that I looked around at Tio, so I did. During the open day, I was received in a very personal manner. There was a good, open atmosphere, which made me feel at home right away. The deciding factor for me was that a friend of mine is taking the same study course and that they are very positive about it. It is always good to hear positive stories from someone you know. Additionally, I love the small-scale nature of Tio. It is great that students get personal attention and are not just a number.”


Jaimy-Lee Aarts

First-year student of International Business Management
“I knew early on that I wanted to do something in the hotel business or something related to economics. Tio came to my high school for an information session. They talked about the school in a clear and enthusiastic manner, which made me attend one of Tio’s open days during my final year as well. That open day was the deciding factor for me, although I also tagged along with a student because I wanted to experience what this school is like on a normal day. I also visited Tio’s website a lot. It contains a wealth of information. What made me choose Tio is the fact that they offered good information. I like that the lecturers are from the industry and have a lot of practical knowledge and experience and the small-scale nature of the campus. The atmosphere and the information provided during the open day were the deciding factors for me.”


Read more: Students talk about their study choice

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St. Jacobsstraat 400
3511 BT Utrecht
T   +31 (0)30 7 999 000
E   E-Mail senden

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Tio Headquarters

St. Jacobsstraat 400
3511 BT Utrecht
T +31 (0)30 7 999 000
Weitere Standorte:


Tempelhofstraat 5
1043 EA Amsterdam
Nord Holland
T +31 (0)30 7 999 000


Begijnenhof 8-12
5611 EL Eindhoven
Nord Brabant
T +31 (0)30 7 999 000


Julianalaan 9
7553 AB Hengelo
T +31 (0)30 7 999 000


Weena 457
3013 AL Rotterdam
Süd Holland
T +31 (0)30 7 999 000


Oudenoord 2
3513 ER Utrecht
T +31 (0)30 7 999 000


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