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Rotterdam Business School

Rotterdam Business School is an expert in international business and management study
programmes. Founded in 1990, Rotterdam Business School has been part of Rotterdam
University of Applied Sciences since 2002.

More than 30,000 students are working on their professional careers at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Over 2,500 of these students are enrolled in English-taught international Bachelor and Master Business programmes at Rotterdam Business School.


Rotterdam Education Model

Education at Rotterdam Business School follows the Rotterdam Education Model (REM), a mixture of knowledge accumulation, practical experience and personal development. All bachelors' programmes include periods of practical work experience and study or placement abroad. Masters' programmes also incorporate a period of practical training. This allows students to gain both experience in their field and a taste of international business even before they graduate.


International Business begins here

The dynamic harbour city of Rotterdam offers the perfect location to embark on an international study career. Home to the largest port in Europe, Rotterdam has global trade and transport links. A major factor of our success is staying closely tuned to the pulse of the city. Because Rotterdam Business School wants to be closely connected to society and teach students to link their knowledge and skills to a sense of social responsibility, we closely cooperate with businesses and organisations. This benefits both the practical field as well as the quality of our education.

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Rotterdam Business School: Student life

Rotterdam, is a city you have to experience for yourself. It is the second largest city of The Netherlands and has a young, dynamic and international city centre. Rotterdam has one of the largest ports in the world and is the industrial heart of the Netherlands. In addition, Rotterdam is a city of modern architecture, events, leisure and recreation. More than one million people from over 170 countries live in the Rotterdam region.

Once you are studying in Rotterdam, a healthy social life will undoubtedly enhance your stay. Social contacts are very important, especially for international students who arrive in a new country with a different culture.

One of the best ways to get in touch with other students is to visit one of the many student associations in Rotterdam. Student associations are primarily established for extra-curricular activities. Here you will find students from all faculties and departments. The associations usually have their own off-campus locations where their members meet. The different student associations of Rotterdam have distinctive features.



A great place to meet fellow students of Rotterdam Business School is RISA. RISA is the Rotterdam International Student Association and organises lots of activities for international students. For more information you can visit the RISA website or like the RISA Facebook page for the latest news and events.

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Rotterdam Business School: Admission

More information about the application procedure and our admission requirements can be found on our website: www.rotterdambusinessschool.nl.

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Rotterdam Business School - Impressionen vom Studium

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Rotterdam Business School: Open days

The Rotterdam Business School organises open days on a regular base. If you want to join one of these events please visit our website for more information.

If you are interested in attending an Open Day you can contact our Centre of International Affairs. You can register yourself by sending an email to coia-admissions@hr.nl. We will be present during the event.

If you want to visit Rotterdam Business School at another moment or you have any other questions you can also contact the Centre of International Affairs.
We look forward to meeting you!

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Kralingse Zoom 91
3063 ND Rotterdam
Süd Holland
T   +31 (0) 10 794 6250
E   coia-admissions@hr.nl

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Rotterdam Business School

Kralingse Zoom 91
3063 ND Rotterdam
Süd Holland
T +31 (0) 10 794 6250


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